Dear Readers and Friends of the Company,

Video Dieter Siegel, CEO

With our fourth sustainability report, we look back on a year that posed great challenges to us as a company and personally. A year that was dominated by one topic: the COVID-19 pandemic. In these times, it is particularly important to reflect on one’s values and have a foundation that provides guidance and stability. We see ourselves as a global partner to fire services that provides professional products and services for maximum customer benefit to save lives and protect property. We are curious by nature, and our pioneering approach drives us to research new technologies courageously and in the spirit of experimentation. We confidently tackle challenges and take innovative steps. The question arises: How can we think about sustainability during a pandemic? But in fact, we are sure that this time is precisely when we need to think ahead!

The coronavirus has greatly changed our personal and professional lives. Speed and flexibility is what is needed to respond to employee, customer, and supplier requirements. Our answers to this was, for instance, to introduce a strict health management system in the Group along with new technologies and new forms of collaboration. At the same time, in 2020 we provided impressive evidence of our ability to innovate, such as the launch of the new Revolutionary Technology model series in September, the culmination of eight years of development work, which met with great interest from our customers worldwide. In early December 2020, we used our first virtual trade fair as an opportunity to showcase additional innovations new to the world in a realistic, three-dimensional exhibit space.

In addition to the many changes brought about by the pandemic, it was also an accelerator – especially in terms of digital transformation, which is among the top megatrends relevant to fire services along with demographic shifts and climate change. The future is becoming more complex, so we must also identify the risks and opportunities for the company. At the center of our sustainability management activities in 2020 was a comprehensive risk analysis of climate-relevant factors. We can see that we will face an increasing number of problems in the future that we can only solve together. This makes networking with our stakeholders more and more important. Despite the pandemic, one of our top priorities was to open up online dialog in early 2021 to discuss the material topics for our company.

This report again provides insight into our sustainable commitment to the environment, society, and business and reports on the goals we have set for the coming years. We consider sustainability a path that we will continue to follow and would like to thank all of our stakeholders who have successfully walked this path with us to date. Please let us know your feedback on this Report and Rosenbauer’s results presented herein