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Economic Development

The global firefighting industry held its ground despite the weakening global economy in 2019, performing robustly. Against this backdrop, the Rosenbauer Group continued its growth trajectory as planned and significantly increased revenues year-on-year. The last three months of the reporting year also represented the all-time strongest quarter, with revenues of € 363.6 million.

Incoming orders were extremely dynamic and closed again at 2018’s record level, at € 1,073.0 million. Orders increased in the NISA area (Northern Europe, Iberia, South America, Africa) and the APAC area (Asia, Pacific, Australia, China); there was a decline in the NOMA (North and Middle America) and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) sales areas. A strong production output and a favorable product mix contributed to a good coverage of fixed costs.

The Rosenbauer Group ended the 2019 financial year with revenues of € 978.1 million (2018: € 909.4 million) and EBIT of € 51.9 million (2018: € 48.8 million).

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