Since Rosenbauer’s founding, the company has been one of the most innovative in the firefighting industry. The company greatly values stable development and responsible business. The key here is the company’s employees, who confidently lead the way with their knowledge and ideas and work in partnership with customers. Rosenbauer relies on this pioneering spirit and collaboration among its 4,312 employees – out of responsibility for the future of firefighting.

Global Challenges

Neo-ecology megatrend
Due to climate change, natural events and extreme weather conditions will become more frequent, more severe, and will affect larger areas of land than before. Increased forest fires and flooding will require more comprehensive system solutions. Green pressure is creating a new environmental awareness. Fire departments are also increasingly being encouraged to rethink the use of extinguishing agents, pollutant reduction, and energy supply, for example.

Firefighting Trend Map 5.0 Neo-ecology

Silver society megatrend
Demographic change describes the shift in the composition of the global population. Influencing factors are the age structure, the gender ratio, birth and death rates, as well as waves of migration and immigration and emigration. Due to the aging population, there are fewer and fewer young volunteers available. However, the willingness to remain active for longer also increases the operational capability of older fire department personnel.

Firefighting Trend Map 5.0 Silver Society

Connectivity megatrend
This development brings together many disciplines that essentially pursue the goal of comprehensive networking on the basis of modern Internet and communication technologies. This is also playing an increasingly important role in fire services. Both in urban areas with well-developed infrastructure and in the field, for example, various data from sensors can be used in the future to detect critical changes at an early stage.

Firefighting Trend Map 5.0 Connetivity

Interview with the Executive Board

The 2023 result is an
initial partial success

Video and letter from the CEO

In 2023, we implemented numerous further measures to increase efficiency and were thus able to achieve a positive annual result again.

Sebastian Wolf, CEO

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Rosenbauer Annual Report 2023

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