The world’s fire departments and Rosenbauer itself are facing major challenges between now and 2030. Rosenbauer is meeting these together with the emergency services.

We take on new

Rosenbauer City 2030

In Discussion with the CEO

CEO Dieter Siegel talks about the future of the firefighting industry and his vision for the strategic positioning of the Rosenbauer Group in 2030.

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Stationary fire protection

The Future of Fire Protection: Rosenbauer sees numerous opportunities for growth in preventive fire protection and is set to substantially expand this business unit.

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Combating Wildfires

Wildfires as a Core Competence: Rosenbauer is enhancing its expertise in the area of forest fires and adding new digital solutions to its product portfolio.

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Fleet Management

Focus on Fleets: Rosenbauer America is stepping up its sales activities in major cities.

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Our strategy

Rosenbauer City 2030 –
Our Strategy

With its Strategy 2030, Rosenbauer aims to change the world of firefighting. To this end, Rosenbauer is focusing on innovation and technology leadership, customer loyalty, and operational excellence.


We change
the world


We guide
the industry.

We provide
best value for money.

We save lives.

We deliver

We are
responsible and

We care
for our people.

This mission unites all employees and partners of our company and makes us
One Rosenbauer.

Video and foreword from our CEO

We set the course for our long-term positioning in the difficult year 2021 and defined sustainability as a core value.

Dieter Siegel, CEO

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Rosenbauer Annual Report 2021

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